Last night at the River East Art Center in Chicago, Stacey Soble, editor-in-chief of Salon
Today and I attended Wella Professional's Trend Vision 2010 runway show. People watching the
show could either watch at runway-level or from the second floor of the art center.
From either standpoint, everything from the pulsing music to the live Trend Vision hair
demonstrations made the night unforgettable.

For 2010 these diverse Haute Couture looks took inspiration from a blend of culture, nature,
dreams and theatricals: Nomad Couture, Nature's Goddess, Techno Poetry and Midnight Stage.

Here's some pictures from the event:

 Trend Vision 2010 show-goers crowd around the first and second floors to get a glimpse of Wella Professional's new trends.
 The show started off with clips of Wella's new trends on a giant screen.
 More clips...
 Christopher and Sonya Dove walk out onto the runway
to present Wella Professional's 2010 Trend Vision


Techno Poetry


Techno Poetry

 (Images above and to the left)

The show started off with a model whose
hair style represented Wella Professional's
first trend, Techno Poetry. The model's windswept style was a mixture of half-teased
and half curled hair sitting on top of her
head. The shape of the cut and style
resembled cotton candy.

(Above) Midnight Stage.

According to Christopher, this look has a classic pinup girl feel. The strong bridge tone gives it a younger and fresher look. The style is dramatic, decadent and edgy. Deep denims, indigos and cobalts play daring accents throughout this hair style. The hair adds drama to the night.
 Midnight Stage from the back
(Above) Nomad Couture.

This look takes influence from around the world. Sonya explained the technicals of the hair style to the audience. She said to get this cut they sectioned the colors into panels of pink, blue, purple, orange and red, with no extensions. In this look there are lot of long pointed ends.
(Above) Nomad Couture from the back

As you can see in this look, they sectioned the hair into different panels of color and spiked the hair on top of the head.
(Above) Nature's Goddess.

This look uses strength and enchantment of nature to burst richness and luxurious escapism into the hair style. The palette is feminine combining fresh autumnal tones of soft salmons and hot corals, with vivid aquamarines and luscious beige-browns.
 Christopher and Sonya Dove explaining the hair for the Nature's Goddess Model
 More Nature's Goddess...
 More Techno Poetry...
More Nomad Couture...
 More Midnight Stage...

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