Fine Featherheads started out last spring as a small feather extension installation operation at shows and festivals and now has blossomed into a full-on international feather distribution business!

"From my extensive experience working with these feathers I truly believe they are marketable to everyone, male, female and canine alike," says Dakota Hills, creator of Fine Featherheads. "The customer can choose something more wild and funky to suit their personality or they can choose a more natural, subtle combination."

Feather Extensions Feather Extensions

One of the most exciting things about Fine Featherheads are the opportunities it provides for salons. Anyone who's inspired can become a Fine Featherheads team member by purchasing the Variety Starter Pack and tool kit. "Basically the more you buy the cheaper they are," says Hills. "I have a minimum order of 10 bundles, but that will be increasing soon. If you purchase 10-50 bundles they are $15 each. Wholesale bulk pricing starts when you purchase 50 bundles or more at $10 each."

Feather Extensions According to Hills, it will help if you are a salon professional with experience with hair extensions, particularly installing using micro links (which is what she uses). "However, I have sold to many salons who have never worked with extensions before," she says. "I offer an instructional video on my website that is available once an order is placed."

This company also just became officially trademarked and patent pending. For more information about these feather extensions visit

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