Feather Hair Extensions ROCK!

Every time I come across someone wearing feather extensions in their hair, I immediately FREAK out over them and have to stalk them to find out where they got them done. They are absolutely adorable!

I first heard about them when MODERN's Associate Editor Lauren Salapatek wrote a story on modernsalon.com a few months ago... and it was love at first sight. Then, I wrote a piece on the feather extensions for MODERN's Style Watch section two months ago. THEN, my sister Dana came into my salon to get a hair cut and was rockin' one. Since then, I have been on the HUNT for them!

Every time I take a picture of someone wearing the extension and post it on MODERN's Facebook, you guys go nuts for them. "Where can we get them" "How much do you charge?" "How long do they last?" So, it's clear, this is sure to be the next biggest thing to help boost your tickets AND it takes MINUTES to apply!

Feather Hair Extensions ROCK!Here, my friend Dominique paired her feather extensions with a cute flower clip, here's what you had to say on Facebook about how much to charge, how to apply, and how much you love them!

Feather Hair Extensions ROCK!THEN, my sister got them at Jon Charles' salon in Wayzata, Minnesota! Check out hers! Here's what you had to say:

Erica Flowers ohhh very hippie-ish but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! :)
Marcie Garner Ooh I want one!!! How much do they cost?
Brianna Thomas I met a girl from Wyoming with one in her hair and couldn't stop staring at it! I like them soo much better than the tinsel!
Sonya Chudzinski Love IT... just bought my first batch of feathers yesterday! I hope to have them by next week... bringing the trend to New Jersey:)
Casandra S Shillinglaw Boheme is Redding ca. Has them and they are awesome
Kristina Cheeseman look online- you can get colored rooster feathers in packs and use them as an add on service. ie: $10 per featherette hair extension. I use a metal bond.
Samantha Jerry We just ordered some and can't wait to begin using them in the salon. :)
Nikki Northrup-Lozano Hoping they will b at ABS!!!!!!!!
Modern Salon Check out finefeatherheads.com for feathers that look just like this! Here's the link to the video http://www.finefeatherheads.com/
Renae Morton Lucy Pop Salon in Nashville! We source, dye and bundle our own feathers...if you would like to start offering feathers in your salon get in touch with us at lucypopsalon@gmail.com and check out our feathers at www.lucypopsalon.com or our Feather Gang Portfolio on our facebook page!
Amber Fields-Pilkington We have them at salon red in Fort worth Texas. Love em!
Josh Watts definitely going to be ordering some of these soon
Lindsay Costello We have them too at Salon b in SACRAMENTO 916-979-1111
Lori Rae Shreve We have them at GENEVA Hair Studio in Indianapolis, IN! 317.359.2000
Maria FloresTovar Avitia We have been doing them at our school, Center Beauty Collage in Pueblo,Co. for a few months now.
Anne Pitt God, so cute.
Studio Mantra Our salon in Eugene, OR has been doing these since last summer. Soon, look for us on Stylelist.com on "Whats Hot in My Salon". We have kits for custom "clip on" extensions too! Feathers Rock
Jacki Viro You can get feathers in YOUR hair at The Studio for Hair in Farmington Hills! call 248-324-3000 today!
Aimee Cruz I do them at Razmataz salon in Georgetown tx and haven't found a great place to order from. I have Bern getting mine off etsy

Feather Hair Extensions ROCK!THEN, I visited the Thomas West Salon in Chicago's Merchandise Mart where stylist Michelle Pleasant was rockin' some feathers... she offered to do mine! I HAD TO GET THEM, OBVIOUSLY! I'm so excited!

The feathers are absolutely adorable, sure to be a HUGE HUGE HUGE trend for summer—and it's getting huge because of you guys! Keep the conversation and dialogue going on facebook.com/modernsalon... .share with each other how you're marketing this service, how much you're charging, and how much fun you're having!

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