Ted, Ashley and Butter. A Perfect Blend.

For the premiere of Ashley Greene’s new movie Butter, Ted Gibson chose to give the actress extra long hair and body, created with hand made extensions. "The look was all about goddess glam," says Ted. "I had to give her something to fit perfectly with her Donna Karan dress."

Although the finish may not look too complicated, Ted told me that this is quite deceiving. "Doing celebrity hair isn't easy. Convincing them to do something different is a challenge and a blessing. Using the right products and tools to get that just right feel in the hair is crucial to the actual photograph."

For this look, Ted started off with Fix It Gel mixed with Tame It Shine Lotion, a quarter size of each all over her entire head. "Then I blew dry with my fingers and then a flat brush. I used clip-on extensions to give that goddess glam look.  After clipping them in I used a medium sized curling iron and set her entire head. I then let them cool, then brushed them out to give a soft retro ’70s vibe. Finally, I sprayed with Beautiful Hold Hairspray to hold in place."

Adds Ted, "I know they will be photographed as soon as they leave the hotel. Paparazzi is waiting for that just right photo. I love the creation and helping them discover their individual beauty. In Ashley's case....so sexy."

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