What are some new ideas on how to approach goal setting in 2013?

“The best way to set goals is the SMART approach: Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely,” says Sandra Humphries, vice president of education, KAO USA. ‘Make more money’ or ‘Grow my clientele’ may be the overarching goal, but it doesn’t have a road map on how to get there. To be successful with goals, experiment using the SMART approach. Try: “Grow my income 10 percent by June; and increase my color services by two clients a week. This makes it so much easier and now there is a plan as well as the goal!

“Here’s the SMART equation to it: the Strategic part is that you now have a goal with a plan; it’s Measurable (10 percent growth); Attainable (two clients is reachable); Realistic (10 percent is reasonable); and Timely (by June). “This also works for any personal or life goal setting. There are materials for using this approach. It is true, what gets measured gets done!”


Ask the Experts: Starting FreshWhat do you recommend to “re-charge” after the busy holiday season?

“It’s easy to say ‘take time off to regroup’ but it’s more important to acknowledge that burnout causes too many salon professionals to end their careers early. This is avoidable if stylists make re-charging a part of each day in and out of the salon,” says Gordon Miller, co-founder of Passion Squared.

“Most importantly is re-charging your body, mind and spirit to help you reach your professional and personal potential. It’s important to make time for renewal by starting the day rested and with a healthy meal, followed by daily routines that allow for breaks and reflection. Plan daily exercise—at minimum stretching to avoid carpal tunnel and a good walk to remain clearheaded— get enough sleep, eat well, and otherwise stay healthy.

“Create a long-term plan for regular down time. Map out the upcoming year to include real vacation time (two weeks minimum!); and be sure to fill it with adventure, enjoyment and rest.

“Can’t figure out how to take ‘so much time off?’ That means you are in need of the time off soon—if for no other reason than to regroup and adjust your thinking to ensure success for the long haul. As Albert Einstein once said: The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

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