HOW-TO: The Bubble Technique - Create Bubbles in the HairYou may have seen it in recent hair collections on, at a beauty trade show, or, you may have even tried the technique out yourself. The Bubble Technique is a very simple and fast way to create a beautiful style or updo that looks complex. Whether it be prom, wedding or a holiday, this style is easy to do for any of your clients' special occasions.

According to Sam Villa, Founding Partner of he Sam Villa brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, the Bubble Technique can be achieved in a few steps. All you need is a crimping iron (Villa suggests the Sam Villa Textur Iron), elastic bands and hair pins (with one foot of the pin bent out and upward about 1/4" to prevent slipping).



STEP 1: Apply a thermal styling product to protect strands.

STEP 2: Texturize the entire head wth your crimper or Textur Iron, the added texture will create a foundation for the bubles and a fuller look.

STEP 3: Create six sections of ponytails.

STEP 4: Place elastic bands around the ponytails at about 2-3 thumbs apart down the entire length of each ponytail.

STEP 5: Take piece of hair from the end of a ponytail, hold it in one hand and take hold of the last elastic with the other hand and push toward the next elastic - you will see the hair form the first bubble.

STEP 6: Keep hold of the small amount of hair at the end of the ponytail and go to the next elastic and push - Bubbles can all be the same size or different.

STEP 7: Repeat until the elastic is closest to the scalp. Separate the ends of each ponytail.

STEP 8: Once all the ponytails are bubbled, pin them into an ineresting silhouette and tuck the ends under (or leave out).

STEP 9: Finish with a high control hairspray.

HOW-TO: The Bubble Technique - Create Bubbles in the Hair

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