13 Fun Beauty Facts We Bet You Don't Know About!

Fun facts about beauty routines, tools and the industry. How many can you say you knew before reading this?

Bet You Didn’t Know That…

You should CLARIFY BEFORE applying hair color: “If you put color on dirty hair, are you going to get the full lift of the hair? No. It’s simple, the more pigment you can get into your client’s hair, the better the color is going to last.” —Tony Difria, National Education Director of All-Nutrient Hair Color

HAIR SPLINTERS can happen to the best of us when you’re not working with enough moisture in your client’s hair. “This primarily happens when you’re cutting straight hair. Want to kick the splinters for good? Properly dampen the hair with every cut.” —Antonio McGill, Andis Educator

It’s normal for SIDEBURNS NOT TO BE EVEN. They should APPEAR to be even, says Clipper Guy Ivan Zoot. “With most clients they are slightly uneven or unsymmetrical on both sides of their heads. When this happens, always use the shorter sideburn as a guide.” —Ivan Zoot, Director of Education and Sales for Marianna Industries

BACKCOMBING just a couple times can create 3-4 INCHES OF VOLUME, if done properly. Extend the hair outwards, and stroke 2-3 times upwards. “Control the hair; don’t let the hair control you. Invest in a proper teasing brush, and workable products you can layer on top of each other.” —Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist and owner of Ted Gibson Salon in NYC and Florida.

Historically the BOBBY PIN came into wide use in the 1920s when the hair style known as the BOB CUT or BOBBED HAIR took hold. “Women, who didn’t want to cut their hair short, could mimic the look with bobby pins, which kept the hot new hair styles in place.” —Nicholas French, 5-time NAHA winner

OVER SHARPENING is the main thing that puts shears out of alignment. —Bonnie Megowan, founder and co-owner of Scissor Mechanic LLC and Educator for Bonika Shears.

When CHOOSING A SHAMPOO BOWL, make sure they tilt. “This allows people of different heights to be accommodated. Make sure the BOWL IS CERAMIC. This type of material WILL NOT STAIN from hair color.” —Kari Baum, Designer at Takara Belmont

You can boost your clients by PARTNERING WITH A JEWELRY STORE. “Give your business card and a 20 percent off coupon to a local jewelry store. When a gentleman comes in to purchase an engagement ring, your materials will be passed to his new wife-to-be!” —Tonya Moran, Vice President of STX Salon Software

TREAT EVERY RE-TOUCH as a COLOR CORRECTION…because it is! “Find out what your client like the best about their hair color and what they didn’t like. Check out how the color 'wore' from her last appointment. Did she spend a lot of time in the sun? Did she go swimming? Has she become significantly grayer?”—Beth Minardi, Master Colorist and creator of Beth Minardi Signature Color

ADDRESSING HAIR LOSS: "Instead of saying 'Let's talk about your hair loss', the better way would be to say 'I have something to make your hair beautiful'. It's a more positive approach...and what client wouldn't respond to that?" —Melissa Schleicher, Parlour 3 in Brentwood, Tennessee

The POWER OF DOING DESIGN allows you to MARKET YOUR SERVICES better. “Use a trimmer to etch graphics into your men’s hair styles. Start with a base price, the more detailing you do, the higher the price. After going over with a trimmer, use a razor to touch up the lines. Coloring in the lines of the graphics is another add-on.”—The Major League Barbering Team

Using a SOFT, ROUNDED POWDER BRUSH on pressed powder offers a shear make-up application and makes the skin look velvety. “This makes it much easier to build, so apply lightly. For a more opaque finish, use a sponge.” —Kevin Mendelson, Global Educator for Jane Iredale

LARGE PLANT HOLDERS can make great hair pins that create texture. Figure-8 the hair around the two prongs of the pin for an unusual, angular curl that creates a fairy tale finish. —Antoinette Beenders, Senior Vice President of Creative & Global Creative Director of Aveda.

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