The 2 to 10 Project, the member cooperative of industry-leading multi-location salons and spas, announced today that it is launching an Executive Salon Management Program with the University of Massachusetts College of Management in Boston. The program will equip salon leaders with leading-edge tools and practices to improve performance and create scalable growth. Those completing the program will earn an Advanced Business Certification from UMass.

“This is about helping multi-site companies make strategic decisions based on industry and local insight previously unavailable to them,” says David McFarlane, director of the UMass Boston Entrepreneurship Center. “I am excited about this project. It takes entrepreneurship to the next level, and presents an opportunity for us to engage with national leaders in a substantial industry.”

Through this strategic partnership, select individuals from elite 2 to 10 member salon companies will work with MBA students and faculty in a semester-long program starting February 12, 2014. Lessons will be offered through videos, readings, live online lectures and course-wide conference calls. The course also will include two projects; one focused on the analysis of proprietary data from the 2 to 10 annual study, and another applying these findings to specific companies, enhancing the key business areas of finance, operations, marketing, education or human resources.

The program will draw from award-winning research on entrepreneurial growth from UMass as well as exclusive knowledge, research and best practices specific to the multi-site salon model from 2 to 10.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for those that want to marry theory and practice at a very high level. And earn a certification specific to our industry from a prestigious MBA program,” says Tom Kuhn, founder and CEO of Qnity and the 2to10 Project.

MBA and certificate students will be carefully vetted, and will work under the direction Benyamin B. Lichtenstein, UMass professor of entrepreneurship and management. He will be assisted by Kuhn.

“It is a unique MBA course and certificate, focused on multi-site performance, profitability and growth. There’s virtually nothing out there like this,” says Lichtenstein.

To apply and access registration information, contact Professor Lichtenstein at

ABOUT 2TO10: 2to10 is a by-invitation only cooperative of the industry’s leading salon and spa brands with between 2 and 10+ locations. Now in its fourth year, the 2to10 Project is based around an in-depth Annual Study of multi-location P&L’s and operating practices from 2to10 member companies. These organizations receive the findings from the Annual Study, as well as a confidential business scorecard which compares their business to the 2to10 membership at large. Both results help owners identity key areas of strength and opportunity.

This year, 2to10 will host its Annual Leadership Conference on April 13-15 at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where study results will be presented along with industry best practices from top industry performers in each category and financial and management insights from faculty the University’s Entrepreneurship Center and College of Management.

Membership for 2014 is capped at 60 salon and spa companies that represent the top 4% of the industry across North America. The 2014 2to10 Member Advisory Board includes Amanda Hair, Susan Haise, Eric Hammond, Lina Heath, Frank Westerbeke, Andreas Aifiriades and Frank Zona.

For more information about the Advanced Business Certification Program, contact Prof. Benyamin Lichtenstein at To learn more about the 2to10 Project please visit their website at or contact Tom Kuhn, CEO of the 2to10 Project at

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