We found this super simple 4-Strand Braid offered by Instagram's @Some_Simple_Diys and we thought we would share with you. Follow Figures 1-6 in the diagram below for the full steps.

STEP 1: Start with 4 strands of hair.

STEP 2: Take strand 2 and wrap over strand 4. Take strand 3 and wrap under strand 1.

STEP 3: Take strand 1 and and wrap under strand 4. Take strand 4 and wrap under strand 2.

STEP 4: Take strand 2 and wrap under strand 1 and over strand 2. Take strand 3 and wrap under strand 2 and over strand 1.


HOW-TO: Super Cute 4-Strand Braid (Step-by-Step Diagram Included)


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