Paul Mitchell "Volume Twist" Look: “Art of Style” Holiday How-To


The holiday season is quickly approaching and clients will soon be arriving at the salon asking for festive hairstyles. In preparation, the Paul Mitchell Artistic Team has created a special holiday collection titled "Art of Style," complementing a series of nine special, artist-inspired holiday gift sets to fit the full range of client needs.

"These looks were taken from the runway and teamed with classic techniques,” says Lucie Doughty, editorial director for Paul Mitchell. "They are whimsical, fit well with our holiday theme and are right in line with what Paul Mitchell is— fun and fresh. This ’60s bouffant look has a modern feel and is very on trend."

Awapuhi Shampoo
The Detangler
Sculpting Foam
Hold Me Tight
Dry Wash
Stay Strong
Hot Off The Press

Express Ion Large Round Brush
Neuro Dry
Neuro Smooth
Bobby Pins
Cutting Comb
Teasing Brush



STEP 1: After shampooing and conditioning, apply Sculpting Foam. Using the Large Express Ion Dry Round brush, blow-dry the hair.

STEP 2: Section out the crown and clip away. Apply Hot Off The Press to the fringe area and the length.

STEP 3. Start in the fringe by twisting a section to secure all the hair.

Create a loop out of the twisted section with your forefinger and middle finger.

STEP 5. Pick up another section of hair from underneath and pull it halfway through the loop with the ends remaining inside. Slide your two fingers out and hold it with your other hand.

STEP 6. Pick up another section from underneath and add it to the tail of the previous section. Pull it halfway through to create a new loop. Hold it with your other hand and slide your two fingers out.

STEP 7. Continue all the way to the nape or until you run out of hair. Spray the looped sections with Hold Me Tight and press them with the Neuro Smooth to secure into place.

Repeat on the other side and the top.

Once the loops have cooled, pull the tails to release the loops.

STEP 10. Finger comb the hair and apply Dry Wash for added texture.

STEP 11. Section out the top. Start at the hairline and backcomb the hair at the base in sections until you reach the lower crown.

STEP 12. Move to the sides, and backcomb a section or two closest to the top.

STEP 13. Apply Stay Strong. Use the Teasing Brush to lightly smooth the surface of the teased hair.

STEP 14. Roll the ends and fold the hair in the back into a twist starting at the nape and working your way up to the crown, leaving out the sides. Using a bobby pin, stitch a piece of hair and lock it into the base over the fold.

STEP 15. Move to the right side and lightly backcomb the base. Loosely roll the ends into the existing fold and secure with bobby pins.

STEP 16. Move to the left side and repeat. Loosen for a softer appearance.

STEP 17. Leave out the left back corner for length, balance and a modern feel to this classic twist.

STEP 18. Finish the top and fringe as desired using Stay Strong.



HAIR: Paul Mitchell Artistic Team members Robert Cromeans, Lucie Doughty, Stephanie Kocielski, Noogie Thai and Mary Cuomo

PHOTOGRAPHY: Giuliano Bekor

MAKE-UP: Iris Moreau

FASHION STYLING: Eddie Schachnow

ART: Ann Field (model watercolors) and Sarah Hankinson (packaging illustrations)


Paul Mitchell "Volume Twist" Look: “Art of Style” Holiday How-To

Paul Mitchell "Volume Twist" Look: “Art of Style” Holiday How-To

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