Save a lot of time and money by taking care of your clipper. According to Clipper Guy Ivan Zoot for Andis, many clipper problems arise because of insufficient lubrication and not using enough oil between uses. If you don't have a regular clipper maintenance routine, start today:

ADJUSTMENT: Pick up your clipper, turn it sideways and check it. If you own a clipper you have to own a screwdriver! Loosen the two screws on the back of the blade, wiggle the blade to adjust it as necessary and tighten the screws. Walk the screws all the way down.

GIVE YOUR BLADE A GOOD OLD BRUSH: With the clipper off, brush off the blade. Brush off any loose or accumulated hairs that are between the blade. Having hair stuck between the blades acts like sand or gravel, which can dull your blade quickly.

5 POINT OILING: After adjusting and brushing, apply three drops of oil on the teeth, and one drop on each inside corner of the moving blade. Let the clipper run the oil through the blade. Wipe up any oil around the blade. You should NOT SEE any extra oil, because too much oil can attract hair, dust and dirt, which will therefore gunk up the blade.

You are ready to cut!

HOT BLADE: If your blade gets too hot, spray it with Cool Care Clipper Spray. It instantly drops the temperature of the blade. It’s also a good cleaner, rust inhibitor and a light lubricant (doesn’t take the place of oil) and it’s a broad spectrum disinfectant.

Watch all of Ivan Zoots' advice about clipper care and maintenance in the video below. For more information about Andis, visit

Clipper Care and Maintenance 101


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