Roberto Ligresti
Roberto Ligresti

Inspiration can come from any element in fashion from an outfit, a skirt, top or shoe, or, in this case, an iconic handbag.

Collaboration is key for Oribe artist Kien Hoang—just about every look in this story is four handed. “It takes a team to create a perfect image,” Hoang says. “Just like in the salon, collaboration is the best way to serve a client.” Hoang feels so strongly about collaboration that he even named his California salon Umbrella to acknowledge the efforts of everyone inside.

When Hoang met model Aspen at the casting, he knew she was the one. “Immediately I thought of 1980’s actress Jane Birkin,” he says. “She is also the muse and inspiration for designer Hermes’ famed Birkin Bag, introduced in 1984. I always admired Birkin’s elegance, effortless beauty and wonderful taste in fashion. She is sultry with a natural beauty.”

Creating a finish that would best channel and suit the woman who would carry an Hermes Birkin Bag was Hoang’s goal.

Roz Corpuz, a colleague from his Umbrella Salon, was called upon to assist. The two worked tirelessly to create a fresh silhouette before customizing extensions to add balance to the cut.

Hoang and Corpuz cut, sliced and placed the extensions to highlight the frame and add volume along the sides. “I always look at skin tone and color of the eyes,” says Hoang, when determining what shade of extension to add to the hair. “When I look at a client I think of what is suitable for her lifestyle and look. I use extensions as filler and for width, height and mass.”

“More texture was needed to create the contemporary version of this fashion icon. The finished result is a youthful, younger and modern version of Jane Birkin.” — Kien Hoang

Hair: Kien Hoang for Oribe
Assisted by: Roz Corpuz
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for M.A.C. Cosmetics
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa

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