Hotheads Extensions
Hotheads Extensions

Hair extensions are well-known for creating length and volume, but the results achieved by adding hair extensions are limitless! One of the greatest services stylists can provide to clients is chemical-free color. With a variety of color options and textures, stylists can modify a client's look without the commitment.

Using extensions as an alternative to hair color is the perfect way for women to try out a new color. If they aren't in love with the look, no problem. They can take out the extensions and don't have to worry about waiting for their hair to grow out or having to pay more money to have it colored again. Hotheads Extensions Stylist Aurezu shares how to get this chemical-free, custom sombré hair color seen on Fashion Blogger and client Kelly Saks using Hotheads Extensions in No. 6, 7 and 8.

The Tools:

  • 1 Pack No. 6 in 18"-20"
  • 1 Pack No. 7 in 18"-10"
  • 1 Pack No. 8 in 18"-20"
  • Bobby Pins
  • Claw Clips
  • Comb
  • Hair Ties
  • Shears
  • Styling Rattail Brush

The Application:

1. Begin by following the Hotheads Sectioning Method. We recommend flat ironing your guests hair to create precise sections.

2. To achieve this sombré effect, select the lightest color extension you are working with (for our model it was color no. 8). This color should be coupled together for the first row. 

3. Move to the second row. Using the brick-lay method, place the lightest color extension on the bottom, and top it off with the darkest color extension you are working with. For example, we used color 8 on the bottom and 6 on top. 

4. At the third row switch the top color extension to your mid tone, we placed color 7 on top of color 8 to soften the contrast. Continue this color combination until you reach the row above the ears ( this is typically the fourth or fifth row)

5. For the row above the ears, couple the lightest color together to brighten up the face. We used 8 on top and bottom for this row.

6. For the final row use your midtone placed on top of the lightest color. We use color 7 on top of color 8. 

PRO TIP: "Keep in mind, this is a custom color service for our guest Kelly Saks," Aurezu says. "Use this tutorial as a reference, but select colors based upon your clients' natural hair and their desired look."

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