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Diane Kruger’s hairstyle at the Golden Globe Awards was a hit. Created by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin for Moroccanoil, Kruger’s hair was a modern take on retro waves to perfectly complement her ethereal, iridescent gown. "I wanted to create a modern version of retro waves," Atkin says. "Diane's hairstyle is soft and elegant."




STEP 1: Beginning on damp hair, apply a root booster directly to roots and use fingers to pull product throughout the entire head. Next, from mid-lengths to ends, apply a volumizing mousse and comb through to distribute evenly. This helps create the foundation for volume and texture.


STEP 2: Next, section by section, blow dry hair using Moroccanoil's 35mm Boar Bristle Brushfor a soft and smooth finish.


STEP 3: Once hair is fully dry, spray hair with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray for memory and soft hold.


STEP 4: With a ½-inch barrel curling iron, curl 1-inch sections of the top of hair and set with 2-prong clip to maintain strong curl structure.


STEP 5: Once the front is set, spritz the back of hair with hairspray and curl 1” sections with 1” barrel curling iron for retro waves.


STEP 6: Remove front curls and gently brush out curls.


STEP 7: With the Moroccanoil Professional Series Titanium Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, smooth top of hair and lightly backcomb mid-lengths to ends to give a soft, ethereal vibe.


STEP 8: Finish with a light mist of Moroccanoil Frizz Control for a veil of shine.


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