The bob dates back to the mid-1920s as the style was worn in various versions, often with a side-parting, curled or waved, and with the hair at the nape of the neck “shingled” short. The bob was the dominant female hairstyle that quickly abandoned old rules of femininity and fashion.  The style spread as women rejected traditional roles and adopted the bob cut as a sign of modernity. Close-fitting cloche hats were also very popular at this time and couldn’t be worn with long hair. Well-known bob-wearers were actresses Louis Brooks, Coco Chanel, Clara Bow and Joan Crawford

In the 1950s the bob started to take on a different shape. The ‘Pageboy’ look  became popular with bohemian types. Bobs began to symbolize youth and the teenage look with jaw-length styles that were less wavy and more smooth, structured and flicked out at the ends (think Doris Day).  The 1960s, Vidal Sassoon restyles the bob and its attitude by creating the five point cut by using the shape of the early bob and making it more stylish, short, geometric, angular and less fussy way.

Many styles and combinations of the ‘bob” have evolved since. Victoria Beckham created a bob movement in the 2000s with the 'POB’ (Posh Bob). In 2007, R&B singer Rihanna had a bob haircut in the video  “Umbrella.” 

"The bob has been the haircut of choice for brazen females of the past, whether a classic bob or a more mussed up lob, the bob will continue to remain timeless," says Sam Villa. "Is their anywhere left for the bob to go? The bob known as a classic will always stay. I believe bobs will now signify a relatively safe alternative for any client be it: retro, chic, edgy, vintage, arty."

Types of bobs... 

Shingle bob: An old-fashioned, dome-shaped bob with the back razor-cut very short into a V-shape. The shingle cut is named after the method for tiling roofs which allows tiles to overlap each other. Think flapper girl spirit with the look of the rows of waves and layers.

Asian bob: cut at the neckline, bobbed up around the edge. Great for a square jaw line. 

A-line bob: A typical bob cut, with a short back leading to longer hair in front. Great for most face types. 

Chin-length bob: Cut straight to the chin, with or without a fringe. 

Undercut bob: Nape area is cut extremely short with bob length cut over to desired length. Great haircut in today's world to save clients blow drying time.

Shaggy bob: A messy bob layered with a razor to create a more vandalized shattered edge. Great with most face shapes and for that sassy personality that desires ease.

Shoulder length bob: A blunt bob that reaches the shoulders. 

The Lob: Also known as the longer version of a bob. An extreme A-Line bob with the front angled around the face. A bob that doesn’t look like a bob yet the profile view tells the bob story. Great for most faces. 

Faux Bob: Plenty of women decide to keep their hair long but they can still look fashionable by pinning it up into a style that resembles a bob. This can easily be done by turning the long hair under at the nape of the neck and pinning it into place.

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