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Lock & Loaded Men’s Grooming uses its latest collection to showcase a “melting pot” of fashion-forward looks to celebrate the brand’s commitment to diversity.


When Lock & Loaded hit the professional beauty scene just a few years ago, the educational brand followed the “go big or go home” model—with its Artistic Director Eli Mancha snatching up the award for 2011’s North American Hairstylist of the Year, NAHA’s biggest honor.


Since then, Lock & Loaded’s team of educators, stylists and barbers have worked tirelessly to create a men’s grooming brand of education and products designed to teach beauty professionals how to cater to today’s male clientele.


“We believe it starts with education,” the team says. “Education that provides comprehensive training to stylists, so they can execute the highest of quality men’s grooming services. A sincere education that not only builds a stylist skill set in men’s grooming, but also helps a stylist grow and expand as a successful professional in the beauty industry.”


In this collection, diversity is celebrated with looks inspired by today’s fashion-forward youth from a melting pot of ethnicities and lifestyles. Deconstructed long lengths are paired with tight, clean, short lengths.


As the social climate changes, the team says, yesterday’s “all American” becomes extinct, with this collection, Lock & Loaded is proud to represent “all Americans” regardless of race, color, creed or national origin.


Creative Director: Jose Schnekenburger

Artistic Directors: Eli Mancha, Eric Zamarripa

Makeup: Diana Arce

Fashion styling: Karina Ruiz

Photography: Sopha Kommavang


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