How-To: Fall Ombre

by Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 30, 2015

Unsurprising this time of year, one of Tyler Summers' (@makeupfreaktyler) clients came in wanting a fall red with highlights. During the consultation she told him that a month ago she did her hair herself, applying bleach with 20 vol starting at the root. Ten minutes into it she got scared and washed it off and applied a box color medium ash blonde. She then noticed that it was brassy so she went with an auburn box color and made it more brown. Despite this challenging canvas, Summers created a rich, dimesional copper shade.




1. Mix L'Oreal Blond Studio bleach and 20 vol with shampoo to make a bleach wash. Apply it at the bowl and leave it on for 15 minutes. This lifted the box color and left a red undertone.


2. Dry and put two highlight foils on the apex. 


3. Mix and apply Redken Shades EQ 6R and 10 vol to her base and feather it down to create a blurring affect. Time for 20 minutes.


4. Mix 2 shots of 6R and 50 grams of clear shades EQ with 10 vol and apply to the ends. Time for 2 minutes and wash.


5. Remov foils and glaze highlight with the rest of the 2 shots and 6R with 50grams of clear. Time for 2 mins and wash. Blowdry and style.

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