Kot (second from left) with Keune team members.  (photo credit: Keune) Keune
Kot (second from left) with Keune team members. (photo credit: Keune)Keune

Georgy Kot has almost one million followers on Instagram, and a huge following in-person through his famous hair demonstrations. 

The world-renowned stylist is known for not only his skills, but his showmanship and teaching style. He recently traveled the U.S. with Keune to take his show on the road across the country. At each stop on the tour, Kot spent hours onstage demonstrating his famous hair sculptures to stylists eager to learn his techniques. At his Los Angeles event, Kot was onstage for SEVEN hours!

 “In my 40 years in the beauty industry and observing artists from around the globe, I’ve never seen such an amazing facilitator and entertainer as Georgy Kot,” says Jamezell Ottinger, Keune special markets director. “He is the ultimate showman, artist and trainer for his long-hair specialty design work.”

Some of Kot's favorite Keune products to have in his arsenal include Design Volume Powder, Brilliant Gloss Spray and Shaping Hairspray, all providing foundations for creating incredible styles with superior hold, shine and flexibility. 

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