Sabrina Marie in competition
Sabrina Marie in competition

“Fitness has always been part of my life,” says Sabrina Marie, owner of Salon Sapphire by Sabrina Marie by Sabrina Marie in Johnston, Rhode Island. “In high school, I ran track and I was a cheerleader. I was so young and my metabolism was so fast that I didn’t have to worry about what I ate. Then I went to cosmetology school and had no sports in my daily life. I wasn’t as active, and even though I was going to the gym I had no interest in eating healthy. By the time I turned 21 I wasn’t overweight, but I was out of shape.”

Sabrina tried programs like Beach Body but didn’t sustain them. Always a competitor, she thought that a fitness competition might motivate her. She was right.

“Prepping for the competition made me realize that food was fuel,” says Sabrina, who entered a Fitness Atlantic competition in 2015. “It made a huge impact on my life. I went from eating about 60/40 bad food/good food to eating pretty much 100% good food. I was getting up early and had so much energy. This changed my perspective on what it is to be healthy. With my expertise in the beauty industry, I see that beauty and wellness go hand in hand.”

Sabrina came in the top 10 of the competition. Watch for a future Healthy Hairdresser e-letter to learn more about Sabrina’s journey.

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