Hair: Sam Villa ArTeamMakeup: Keri Hatfield
Hair: Sam Villa ArTeam
Makeup: Keri HatfieldMitch Meyer

Is 2017 the year the precision bob comes back with a vengeance?

Sure, it hasn’t really gone anywhere— classics never go away completely (case in point: Anna Wintour’s perennial ’do). But the Sam Villa team predicts this will be the year to embrace definitive sectioning to create predictable.

“By pre-sectioning haircuts and providing a roadmap of how we want each section to live, we can understand the principles of hair cutting while predicting the end result,” says Joseph Longmore, Sam Villa show ambassador. “It takes a great deal of practice, patience and persistence to discipline or even shift our mindset toward a new approach to cutting, but it’s incredibly rewarding.”

Longmore contends that you can apply these basic principles to trending textured styles.

“We can still infuse the same discipline and structure to a highly textured bob simply by changing the technique we choose to remove the hair,” he says. “The structure is infused by the elevation, over-direction, cutting line and sectioning, while either razor-cutting or very deep peak-and-valley style pointcutting can provide a shape that floats and moves with the individual.”

Here are tips for choosing the right tools and techniques for your foray into precision cutting:

  • Use a small shear when workingwith smaller, detailed sections.
  • Try the Sam Villa Signature Series Swivel Shear for difficult graduation angles.
  • Seek control with a longer blade when cutting larger, compressed sections.
  • If you want a highly refined, clean edge, use smaller sections.
  • For a loose, textured edge, try large, compressed sections.

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