American Man: Meet American Crew All-Star Finalist Jorge Buccio, Representing the United States

The American Crew All-Star Challenge highlights the outstanding world class talents in men’s grooming. The competition combines the art and science of men’s grooming and creating authentic style – the cut, the model and the photograph – to deliver the ultimate interpretation of the American Crew man.

Fifteen finalists recently competed in Brussels with two days of competition photo shoots on May 4 and 5, during which each cut and styled their model, then worked with American Crew Founder David Raccuglia to shoot and select the photo that would represent their final look. Adam Mir of the UK was announced as the American Crew 2016-2017 All-Star Challenge Global Winner on May 8th in a joint event with Revlon Style Masters.

Meet the American finalist, Jorge Buccio:

Describe your professional career path.

I was always fascinated by the beauty and fashion industry. When I moved to Chicago from Mexico at 19 years old, I started assisting at a salon and after a few years I started beauty school. After finishing school, I started working full time at the salon. While working there I completed several cutting advanced programs like Llongeras and Mekka. Nine years ago I moved to Austin, Texas, opened my own salon, J Buccio Salon, and decided to start training to be an educator for Schwarzkopf Professional. After a few years, I was named guest artist for SKP and entered my first mayor hairstylist competition, the 2014 NAHA awards, where I was nominated for best men’s collection. Soon after my NAHA nomination, I started doing some celebrity grooming. In 2016, I entered and won the BTC Big Shot Award in the men’s category for North America. Now I keep creating yearly men’s collections, entering contests, working on magazine editorials, and continuing my celebrity grooming and styling.

What do you love most about being a stylist?

I love the ability of changing my guests’ mood and appearance, and the fact that someone can put so much trust in us without really knowing much about us. That is a great responsibility and an honor. Guests allow us to enter their personal space and let us change the way they look. I think that is pretty amazing.

Do you have any influences from your life that motivate and inspire you artistically?

From a very young age I loved playing with hair and could spend hours looking at fashion magazines. Growing up between Mexico and Chicago has influenced my work so much, and constantly inspires me. The culture and childhood experiences from Mexico, and the structure and modernity of Chicago have shaped, in a very special way, my attention to detail and my aesthetic. Traveling also motivates and inspires me.

How has the American Crew™ brand influenced the way you view men’s grooming?

In my opinion, American Crew is a pioneer of men’s grooming products in our industry. It has influenced me by allowing me to create looks that are relevant and current with the tools and products I need to give them a perfect finish. Nowadays you can’t have a picture perfect look without the need of hair product. It also shows me the power of the men’s grooming market – it keeps growing every year.

Tell us in a #hashtag how you felt when you learned you won.

#IcantbelieveIwon #isthishappening #sohappyIcanjump #whatanamazingsurprise

What advice would you give to anyone looking to pursue a career as a stylist?

I would tell them to never stop learning, to stay fresh and current. I like to always imagine I just graduated beauty school, because that is the time when we are more in search of knowledge, experiences, and hungry for education. Also, keep up with fashion and pop culture.

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