Gina Devine (@gina.devine)
Gina Devine (@gina.devine)


Seamless color melts, beautiful open-air hair painting and less-is-more techniques make New Jersey colorist Gina Devine's Instagram page @gina.devine one to check out. Learn more about this true artist below.


Name: Gina Devine

Handle: @gina.devine

Salon: Salon De Beaute, Parsippany, New Jersey

Specialty: Open-air hair painting

Followers: 74.7K

Age: 27

Most viral post: My following looks forward to my less-is-more approach to color, and my writing and mental-health posts.

Favorite apps: I don’t edit any of my photos; they are all sent directly from my camera roll to Instagram, but if I make a chart or post my writings, I like PhotoGrid and YouDoodle.

One of Devine's most viral Instagram posts.
One of Devine's most viral Instagram posts.

Favorite hashtags: #ginadevinepaints (always have your own hashtag!) #artist #hairpainter

I follow: Art museum accounts—I’m a painter first and a colorist second—and my number-one hair inspiration @johnnyramirez1

Pro tip: Be authentic, post raw, real work, and forget what everyone else is doing! The point is to project you, not be a carbon copy of others. Don’t post for likes, features, or fame; post for clients, business, yourself, and the audience you want to attract. Post what you would want to see, don’t get caught up in the hype.

Favorite products: Oligo Professional spray, and Shine Drops.

How social media changed my life: Instagram gave me a place to project my work, curate and grow as an artist. I was able to build my book in six months because of it. So many people in the past had to wait for a green light to become who they wanted to be. We no longer need permission thanks to social media. Artists are reaching great heights because of the platform.




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