Get inspired with holiday hair and makeup from these Chicago-based artists.
Get inspired with holiday hair and makeup from these Chicago-based artists.

Is there anything better than the sparkle, glitz and glamour of the holidays? Whether your clients are heading to a party this winter or just are coming in to get in the spirit of the season it's the perfect opportunity for you to make them look and feel festive. 

Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist) and her sister, makeup artist Natalie Naglak (@makeupbynataliejane create holiday-ready looks perfect to glam up your clients for winter festivities.

Look 1: 1930s retro-inspired style

Look 2: Side braid converted into an elegant updo

Products Used: Bed Head by TIGI, Fave 4, CHI iron for Ulta Beauty, Hot Tools Curl Bar; all products are part of MODERN SALON's Haute Holiday Giveaway


Vintage Glam

Model Donna has fine hair a bit past her shoulders. “This is a great style for someone who has fine here because the curls are pinned so that they're not going to be going anywhere throughout the day," Annette says. "It tends to be difficult to keep that nice curl with fine hair.”

STEP 1: Prep hair with Bed Head by TIGI Beehive Matte Dry Shampoo at the root. Using the Hot Tools Curl Bar, create a roller set going down the middle in 1-inch sections. Duck clip each curl to set for at least 10 minutes. “Because her hair is so fine, I wanted to create a little bit of texture because if I didn’t, her hair will just flop,” Annette says. “I took my metal duck clip and clipped it…(once cooled) I'm going to be taking down her curls, starting from the front. I love to start 90% of my styles in the front because I'm a very visual person and also my client at the time could kind of see how the style is molding and we can then create the style together if she doesn't feel comfortable with something.”

STEP 2: Loosen curls, backcomb using the Pink Pewter Never Let Go Comb to create a foundation for the style and smooth out the texture.

STEP 3: Start molding the front with Fave 4 Style Stay Firm Hold Hairspray. Smooth flyaways using Shine Spray Superfine Mist by Bed Head. “This vintage look the front is very important,” Annette says. “We want to create that beautiful wave in the front and have it look very delicate and airy.” Using the tail end of the comb, mold the hair.

STEP 4: Create a foundation with a braid. “A cool trick for doing a faux-type of bob or a vintage look like this is to create a little bit of a braid down here and that’s going to create a little foundation for when we bobby pin the hair,” Annette says. “Just take a little bit of hair and it just creates that beautiful illusion of a different length.”

STEP 5: Backcomb waves to make them more airy. Utilizing braid from STEP 4, tuck hair and clip into the foundation to create a faux bob look. The key to making updos frizz-free, Annette says, is to make sure that you're not over manipulating the hair, but rather just softly touching the hair.

STEP 6: Braid ends into a simple three-strand braid.  For any stray pieces, twist hair and pin.

STEP 7: Direct hair back on side you wish to adorn with an accessory. Annette uses a bendable bridal piece from Pink Pewter. Spray with Fave 4 hairspray.


 Day-to-Night Braids

STEP 1: Curl hair and then brush out. Spray with shine spray to eliminate frizz.

STEP 2: Braid one section of the hair into a three-strand braid. Pinch and pull hair during braiding so it doesn’t look too done.

STEP 3: Once fastened, or in this case backcombed, fan out the braid.

STEP 4: Over-direct hair on other side toward where the finished braid is for added volume at the crown. Fishtail braid. Expand braid. Backcomb ends to hold braid together. “It’s super trendy right now to mix your braids up a little bit use two or three braids in your style,” Annette says.

STEP 5: Turn this day style into an elegant night look by twisting braids together into a chignon bun. Form with hands and slide in bobbypins to hold.

STEP 6: For added glitz, apply Velcro jewelry, like this one from Pink Pewter.


Vintage-Glam Makeup Look

Sparkle, shine pigments, cut-creases and a red lip make for the perfect holiday beauty look.
Sparkle, shine pigments, cut-creases and a red lip make for the perfect holiday beauty look.

“Cut creases are extremely popular, which make any look look so much cleaner and elegant,” says makeup artist Natalie Jane.

To make this look more wearable for the everyday client, as opposed to the bolder looks trending on Instagram, Natalie advises incorporating softer colors, like brown or burnt orange, rather than black.

STEP 1: Apply makeup to the crease using an angled brush, such as an eyebrow pomade brush. Blend out in a sideways V-shape to give depth and dimension to the eye. Pro tip: Natalie says to do this before applying face makeup to easily clean up fallout or if you accidentally bring the crease out too far, simply clean up with a makeup wipe.

STEP 2: Keep the lid lighter and add some shimmer if your client desires. Natalie added gold pigment gold shimmer on the lid. She sprays her brush with MAC Prep and Prime to wet it before going into the pigment so there’s no fallout and to create a smooth, seamless finish that glides on.

STEP 3: Line eyes with liquid liner to create a gentle wing. Apply mascara to natural lashes, followed by glam false lashes. Natalie likes to apply mascara onto the lashes for a more dramatic effect.

STEP 4: Once eyes are done, Natalie uses Temptu Pro airbrush makeup for Donna’s face. Apply in circular motions. “Especially for makeup artists, this is very sanitary and simple to travel with,” she says. “ It is long-wear and has a seamless finish.”

STEP 5: Because the look is meant to be a timeless, elegant vintage style, finish with a classic red lip.

Watch the full how-tos for each hair and makeup look here:

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