Kayline by Wahl's Skate Kart Rollabout

by Lauren Quick | May 21, 2015 |

On a Roll

The new Skate Kart Rollabout from Kayline by Wahl provides durability, mobility and part-replacement ease for stylists and students.


Joe Ryan, creative director for Kayline by Wahl, says the Skate Kart is both functional and on-trend in design—because the beauty industry has an eye on fashion as much as it does usability.


“A big request we get is wheels that don’t fail with hair buildup,” Ryan says. “The normal plastic dual-hooded wheels fail over time, and it’s a constant complaint with both stylists and school owners. These use actual Inline Skate wheels.”


The American-made model measures 13x16x38 and is available in several colors. For more info, visit

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