Mizani Original Butter Blend System

by Elizabeth Jakaitis | July 15, 2015 | Mizani | Shampoos and ConditionersTextureFinishing Products

Mizani has re-release its Original Butter Blend, a moisturizing texture management system. Designed for women who want to better manage truly untamable hair, the Mizani Original Butter Blend system offers deep conditioning and ultimate protection, while providing texture manageability, leaving hair healthier and shinier.

A professional in-salon system, Mizani Original Butter Blend is a texture management process designed to perform synergistically to protect, treat and manage desired texture. Formulated with a moisturizing blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and honey, the line balances, actives and conditioners for more efficient texture control, ultimate shine and healthier looking hair.  

The Mizani Original Butter Blend system includes: 


  • Butter Blend Butter Base Scalp Protector: A lightweight jelly designed to enhance scalp comfort during the texture treatment. Gently formulated with a blend of cocoa butter and shea butter that coat the scalp and protect delicate skin around the hairline, this non-irritating, hypo-allergenic hairline and scalp protection minimizes dryness and irritation.
  • Butter Blend Honey Shield Protective Pre-Treatment: A creamy, pre-treatment with penetrating ceramides to shield and reinforce previously treated hair from application overlap. Formulated with moisturizing honey to guard against moisture loss and add ease to wet combing.


  • Original Butter Blend (available in fine/color-treated or medium/normal): Transforms texture for healthy-looking, touchable hair. Contains a moisturizing blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and honey for straightening, conditioning and scalp comfort to provide texture versatility.


  • Butter Blend PerpHecting Crème Normalizing Conditioner: A rich, cream conditioner designed to gently restore hair’s natural pH level following the texture management treatment. Formulated with an ultra moisturizing blend of shea butter and honey with strengthening ceramide, this conditioner strengthens and repairs weakened hair bonds with ceramides and detangles to minimize breakage from combing and styling.
  • Butter Blend Balance Hair Bath Neutralizing & Chelating Shampoo: A nourishing shampoo created with a pink color indicator to signal remaining texture treatment residue. Formulated with honey for enhanced moisturization, this shampoo completes the neutralization process and removes mineral deposit for soft, healthy hair. 

To help maintain hair’s health, Mizani also introduces Butter Blend Moisture Whip, a replenishing and nourishing leave-in hairdress that delivers the ultimate level of conditioning. Featuring moisture remedy technology, formulated with a combination of cocoa butter and sustainably sourced shea butter, Butter Blend Moisture Whip provides manageability, lightweight control and a natural shine, leaving hair feeling silky soft, more manageable and healthy-looking.

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