New Shades of Intrigue from Zotos AGEbeautiful

by Elizabeth Jakaitis | July 19, 2016 | Zotos International, Inc. | Hair Color

Zotos AGEbeautiful gives gray coverage a vibrant look with new Shades of Intrigue Anti-Aging Haircolor, a rich palette of bold hues that provides full coverage and dimensional shine.

Available in six new permanent shades: Dark Blue (4B), Medium Plum Brown (5V), Dark/Medium Plum Red Brown (4VR & 5VR), Dark/Light Intense Red (4RR & 6RR); and four new demipermanent shades: Dark Blue (4B), Dark/Medium Plum Brown (4V & 5V), Medium Intense Red (5RR).

Each permanent shade provides 100% gray coverage while delivering dimensional shine. And as part of the AGEbeautiful lineup, Shades of Intrigue fights all the signs of aging hair, including thinning, wiry texture, dryness and dullness. Plus, it’s infused with vitamin E for hair and scalp health. 


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