2019 MODERN SALON 100: Danilo Bozic (@danilo.bozic)
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Danilo Bozic (@danilo.bozic)

If you’ve been following MODERN SALON this last year, it’s no surprise Danilo Bozic earned himself a spot on our 2019 Game Changers list. We first discovered Danilo after seeing countless perfect blondes and seamless balayage results on his page. With just a couple hundred followers at the time, we were shocked when we realized he works in a neighboring city to our offices! We had to get in touch with him immediately. In no time, the article on AirTouch became our most-read of the year on modernsalon.com. This colorist, based in Hinsdale, Illinois, has perfected the art of AirTouch, the balayage technique that allows colorists to section using the air from a blow dryer versus weaving or slicing, to ensure a perfect application retouch every time. Made famous by Russian artist Vladimir Sarbashev, Bozic is helping to bring the technique to the states. Now he has thousands of followers who can count on him for techniques, tutorials and stunning blonding results.

Danilo Bozic


The Salon by David & William, Hinsdale, Illinois

Specialty: Airtouch technique, color correction and blondes

Top-performing post: My most engaged post is an Airtouch demo video. People are always very curious about it and ask so many questions.

Favorite apps: For videos, I use Videoshop. Pay for the upgraded version to preserve the quality. I try to show my clients pictures I took of them and they usually want me to remove blemishes and small imperfections before posting—for that I use Airbrush.

I follow: @sarbashevvladimir @igorkhonin @kelvelin @maggiemh @domdomhair

Pro tip: Always ask questions in your captions, engage your followers and respond to them asap. Hashtags should be personalized with every post, not generic, and the maximium amount of 30 should be used.

Hidden talent: I’m really good and fast at a round brush blow dry! Straight or curly: I’ve got it covered!

Fun fact: I’m a good tennis player and can paint nails like nobody’s business, thanks to my two daughters.

My audience follows me because: Kindness and support are a big deal to me, and I really take time to connect through comments or DMs.

How social media changed my life: I was never a fan of social media. I never opened a Facebook account and my Instagram account was opened just four years ago on my wife’s initiative. But I’m surprised where it took me. I learned that there are so many talented people out there and seeing their work and results made me work harder and dream bigger. Instagram is not only a business tool but a learning one as well. I can’t tell you how many nights I spent listening to @lisalovesbalayage livestreams, writing everything down and applying it the next day on my client. I also made so many connections with my fellow hairstylists and with the people from my community and that might just be my favorite part.

My first @modernsalon feature: A picture MODERN SALON reposted first along with the full story about the Airtouch technique. One of my favorite posts ever for sure!

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