Clients want to have the shiny, healthy-looking hair of their dreams – but they also want trendy styles and vivid colors that require chemical treatment.

We all know that bleach and color can be highly damaging to the structure and integrity of the hair, and that colored hair requires strengthening and bond building to bring it close to its undamaged state. So let us introduce pH Plex, the latest salon treatment designed to combat hair breakage and maintain general damage repair.


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Everything to Know About pH Plex

pH Plex sounds like your typical three-step system, but it’s the first professional grade for the salon and home user. If your clients need a little maintenance while they wait to visit you again, you can hook them up with this kit. It does the hard work of healing hair at the molecular level, repairing bonds for silky, gorgeous locks. ⁠

Beyond that, there are a lot of benefits for professionals to take advantage of:

  • Step 1 helps eliminate itching and burning during color and bleach application, so clients can avoid the all too common “wished it was over soon” feeling.
  • pH Plex does not require adjustments in color mix, bleach concentration or dwell time.
  • It reacts with all functional groups of amino acid, connecting all 21 bonds of the hair.
  • All ingredients of pH Plex are either pharma-or cosmetic grade.
  • It’s affordable: A professional kit that has 10 applications retails for less than $40.

With the strange times we’re in, many stylists are renting their own chairs or working outside of their typical space. pH Plex is conveniently packaged in sealed single application sachets, so you don’t have to carry big bottles or pump and measure. These are easy to bring with you, and all you need to do is pour it into your applicator bottle or bowl and mix it right in.


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How Do Stylists Feel About It?

Celebrity hair artist Kendall Dorsey, who has styled the hair of everyone from Solange to Yara Shahidi to Alicia Keys, cannot hype pH Plex enough. “I have a huge base of curly hair clients. Step 3 heals those tangles. This is a treatment and performance system that saves curly and coily hair,” he told MODERN SALON.

According to Dorsey, there are no tips and tricks need to make pH Plex work for you, because the formula and use is that straightforward. “It actually performs at the level, there’s no shifting of the color or lowering the volume process in any kind of way. It does exactly what it says: It’s going to protect and rebuild.”

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