<p>Hair by Jessica Bartolucci</p>

Hair by Jessica Bartolucci

<p>Hair by Jessica Bartolucci</p>

Hair by Jessica Bartolucci

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<p>Hair by Jessica Bartolucci</p>

Hair by Jessica Bartolucci

<p>Hair by Jessica Bartolucci</p>

Hair by Jessica Bartolucci

Hairstylist Jessica Bartolucci doesn’t make us wait for the melt.  This Keune formula is jump started with an express lightening technique. The result is a blended brunette that is rich and luxurious looking.

Starting Level

Natural Hair: 4

Previously lightened pieces: 6


Formula 1: 40g Freedom Blonde 

                   60g 40 volume

                    5g Bond Fusion Phase 1

Formula 2:  20g Semi 4.3

        40g Activator

Formula 3:  30g Semi 6.1

        30g Clear

                    60g Activator


1: Section hair into four equal sections

2: Start in the back at nape with no more than a 1-inch diagonal back parting. Saturate both sides of the hair with Formula 1, using a V-shape color placement to keep depth.

3: Follow this placement up the back of the head in a brick lay pattern.

4: Starting on the left side, use deep diagonal back partings and apply Formula 1. 

5: Repeat on the opposite side.

6: On the top section, use parting as a guide to create two subsections. Use deep diagonal back sections, pivoting off the first placement.

7: Process up to 50 minutes with no heat.

8: Shampoo twice with Keune After Color Shampoo.

9: Apply Formula 2 onto roots and melt into Formula 3. Process for 20 minutes.

10: Rinse and utilize Keune After Color Shampoo and Balsam. 

11: Apply Bond Fusion Phase 2 onto damp towel-dried hair, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.



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