When stylists, barbers, nail technicians and other beauty practitioners have made the decision to set up shop and to go independent, they may be spending more time envisioning their suite’s color scheme than their business policies. But establishing a clear outline of your rules around sanitation, etiquette and business practices before you open the doors will make both you and your clients more confident and relaxed.

Hunter Donia (@hairbyhunty) is a solo artist in Lancaster, PA, working in a Sola Salon Studio, who says he is all about boundaries and policies.

“When you’re first starting out you have all these creative and exciting ideas—you’re thinking about what the wall color is going to be, what the decorations are going to be—but you forget about some of the really important fundamentals you need as a business to protect you and guarantee your success,” Donia says.

Because he is consistent about reinstating his policies to his guests, and reminding them about the fine print, Donia says he never has no-shows and very rarely does he have a last-minute cancellation.

“My philosophy with salon policies is that it’s not as important what the policies are as it is that you’re using them in an effective way. You want to make sure your clients are reading them consistently and signing and agreeing to them.”

In this video, Donia discusses his business policies including...

  • A cancellation policy
  • A save payment policy
  • A re-do policy
  • Product return policy
  • Salon etiquette policy
  • Lateness policy

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