Three artists, based in three different Sola Salon Studios locations across the country, each with a unique specialty and clientele. Their shared experience is that they each have implemented salon policies and rules that help them, as independent stylists, run their business with clarity.   Their clients know what to expect when they step through their doors and this transparency makes for healthy client relationships and a healthier stylist, overall.

Here are some of the rules they use, everyday, to keep their salon feeling like someplace they want to be... home, suite, home: 

Policies and Rules for Independents: Protect Your Business and Your Sanity
Policies and Rules for Independents: Protect Your Business and Your Sanity

Steven Wren


Bloomingdale, IL

NCNS (No call No show) and less than 3 hours cancelation policy is one that I am unapologetic about. When a guest cancels less than three hours before their scheduled appointment or is a no call no show, that guest will be charged 100% of the missed service payment. The payment must be made to continue a business relationship. Non-payment causes guests to lose their online booking privileges and service requests will be refused.

Health and Safety Policy is put in place to ensure the welfare of my guests and myself, which is a priority. I have booked extra time between appointments to sanitize all surfaces, styling chair and grooming instruments.  I continuously sanitize high-touch surfaces throughout the day as well as weekly professional cleaning. I wear a mask while providing all services. I have on display that I am certified by Barbicide in Health and Sanitation safety practices specific to Covid-19.

Policies and Rules for Independents: Protect Your Business and Your Sanity
Policies and Rules for Independents: Protect Your Business and Your Sanity

Ashlie Garner


Lynwood, WA

Rules around scheduling, payment, cancellations and/or no-shows: I have a client interview process when it comes to scheduling. They fill out a form to work with me, I reach back out to them and provide them with the online booking link if they're accepted. I only allow online booking. They can book up to 12 weeks in advance on my scheduled hours. Every guest is required to put in a card when booking to enforce my policies.

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment will be charged 50% of the scheduled service. No shows will be charged 100% of the scheduled service. I also have a late policy. If anyone is 10 minutes late, their appointment is treated as a no show and charged as such.

Rules around conduct (no mean people): As a stylist and business owner, I know how valuable my time is and how I deserve to be treated. I do not tolerate mean guests or those who do not respect me or my time. If I get bad vibes or rude communication from a guest, I will graciously fire them. No questions asked.

Being in a salon suite, they come into our safe space and our second home. If someone is not going to respect that, BYE!

Rules around Covid: I have all of my guests wait in their car and text me when they arrive. I text them when I am ready, and then I meet them at the front door and let them in. If my guest has been exposed to Covid or they have a Covid test in progress, they have more grace when cancelling depending on circumstances.

Policies and Rules for Independents: Protect Your Business and Your Sanity
Policies and Rules for Independents: Protect Your Business and Your Sanity

Tish Clark


Rochester Hills, MI

Pricing: (And deciding on what products work best for your client's hair.) I've tried out a lot of products when I was in a chain salon and I focused on those that were the best for my client's hair. I believe in working smarter not harde, so sometimes we have to pay a little more for products that keeps the hair healthier. I would definitely do my homework when it comes to products.

My prices are based off of what my labor will be. How much do you want to make an hour? I then do the numbers on how much a products cost to do that service. Foils, color, color remover, bond repair, any treatment, shampoo, conditioner, leave ins, hair sprays, etc.

I figured out how many uses I get out of each product with fine, medium, or coarse hair.

I started off with souffle cups to measure how much shampoo and conditioner I was using. Time and product is how I base my prices.

Setting My Schedule: How I set my hours is based on the hours I want to work. I have certain days I do only extention/weave clients. Certain days, I do full color jobs highlights/ color corrections. Services that take me four or more hours,  I have specific days when I'll do them and I take no more than three clients.

I work 6-8 hours a day. On those days where it's just haircut/ style or shampoo finish, I can do 7 clients a day--but that's also my limit.  I set boundaries for my clients and myself. You want every client to feel that you've given them a 100%.  When I'm tired I tend to slack off and it's not fair to the client who's expecting the best from you, so I don't push it to where I'm super exhausted.

Also all new clients and chemical clients have to schedule a consultation first. I charge $30 for a consultation fee.

I'm the boss and I run my salon suite with respect, integrity, boundaries, and professionalism.

Arriving Late: Arriving late will likely limit the time allocated for your service. As a courtesy to all clients, a 15 minute grace period is granted if not there at the time of the appointment. You must call or text no later than 30 minutes or it will be considered a No Call No Show.

No Call No Show: You will be charged 100% of total services selected.

Rescheduling: For same-day rescheduling, if there is another opening, there will be no fee. If there are no openings for the same day, you will be charged 50% of total services selected and will have to reschedule for another day.

Cancellations: You MUST give a 24hr notice or you will be charged 50% of total services selected.

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