HAIR COLOR CHALKING: THE NEXT FEATHER EXTENSION? Well, the buzz that continues to build certainly indicates that the temporary color additional could have the same momentum that feather extensions had last year. One look at MODERN's most-popular articles and you can see that there is major interest in the technique. AND, guess what, you can charge for it, too.

WHO'S DOING IT: Karen Gordon, MODERN Facebook fan and co-owner of Chicago's J. Gordon Designs, has now introduced hair chalking as a professional service called "Lock Chalking" in their salon. She was so kind to not only share the details of how she has added the service to her salon's menu, but Gordon, who is also on the board of directors for Cosmetologists Chicago, gave us the scoop on how to introduce it at your salon, who to market it to, how much to charge and how to make it more professional.

Pics of Color Chalking: Plus What to Charge and How To PromoteHOW DO YOU MARKET IT? "We are promoting Lock Chalking to three different demographics," Gordon tells MODERN. "First, to young kids and teens who have moved on from feather extensions and are looking for something fun and new. Secondly, we are marketing to a client in his/her 20s and 30s who is going out for the night and wants a look that is fun and funky, but not permanent. And the third demographic we will be attracting is our 40-plus client who wants to have one last fling with fun—and sometimes crazy—hair color, but doesn't want the color to last."

HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE? J. Gordon Designs charges between $15 and $50 for the service, depending on how much of the hair is chalked. And, her new talent stylists are typically the ones who perform the service.

PUT YOUR OWN SPIN ON IT: Though J. Gordon does use the non-toxic chalk for art supply stores that initially created the buzz in color chalking, they also use their our own custom line of GORDON:FACE Mineral Cosmetics. "There are several advantages to using mineral cosmetics including the safety of the product—hypoallergenic, paraben-free, not tested on animals, etc—but also the wide range of colors, which many contain shimmer, which looks great on the hair when "Lock Chalking."

Pics of Color Chalking: Plus What to Charge and How To PromotePics of Color Chalking: Plus What to Charge and How To Promote


INTERESTED? So, thinking you can make some money doing this service? One thing is for certain... this service is hot, hot, hot. AND, it's a great way for clients to experiment with color who, otherwise, may have been weary about trying a high-fashion shade—or even a natural-looking lowlight. Make this service your own!

HERE'S HOW TO DO IT, PLUS TIPS! Click here for the full story: Hair Chalking: The How-To for awesome inspiration and special tips on how to get the best effects... or, watch the video below to see how YouTuber Kandee Johnson does the look in this fun tutorial that appeared on MODERN SALON TV!

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