Styling and Maintaining an Undercut HaircutThe slicked back undercut is an ideal hair style for bold and daring men looking to dive into the newest trend. Celebrities like David Beckham and George Clooney have already jumped on the bandwagon since its appearance on the 1920’s throwback drama Boardwalk Empire. Originating during the Prohibition era, this old school hair cut returns to its original, classic roots with new and refined finishing touches. But what should men tell their hairdressers and how do they keep hair looking fresh and sharp after the initial cut? Celebrity Stylist Kupelian provides his expert tips and opinions on the essentials of the cut and maintenance.


According to Kupelian, every man should first ask his hairdresser whether this style will work for his hair type along with what variations will suit the contour of his head and face. For example, Kupelian recommends that men who have a thinner temple should have their sides trimmed shorter at the front temple region.

If a hairdresser gives the green light, there are then two factors to consider: (1) how far up the short sides and back will be and (2) how long the hair will be at the top. When this has been decided, there are then two ways in which to go about cutting the sides. The hairdresser can either cut with scissors over the comb or have the sides cut short with clippers. Although this undercut does not need blending between the sides and top, it’s ultimately the man’s decision whether to have the top blended with his crown if it’s sensible for how his hair is situated.

The choice with the most room for personal preference is the top part of the hair. Kupelian recommends leaving hair particularly long on the top. However, men should decide on whatever length in which they feel most comfortable. Ultimately, the finished result should look sharp and precise.


Kupelian advises that undercuts look best when the top hair has a lot of volume and shine. In terms of styling, Naz recommends to go sparingly on the hair spray. For a sleeker look, use gel before combing it back. For a sharper retro style, simply blow dry the hair forwards while brushing slightly to the side with fingers then gently lift up the front. Follow by styling with hair wax. Alternatively, men can try a more casual look, by working products such as Rusk’s Being Sexy Cream or Mousse through towel dried hair for a more tousled appearance.

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