Formulas for Witches of East End: Virginia Madsen & Rachel Boston

Marie Ferro of Marie Ferro's Hair Studio in Malibu, CA used her own brand of hairdresser magic to create beautiful color for two actresses on "Witches of East End" a new series about a mother and her two daughters who are modern-day witches. Both Rachel Boston and Virginia Madsen came under Ferro's spell recently and she shares her steps and formulas below for a boo-tiful warm brunette and a golden, "good witch" blonde with dimension.

Formulas for Witches of East End: Virginia Madsen & Rachel Boston

"I haves created many different color changes for Rachel over the years," says Ferro. "Hair color says alot about the character and personality of the role the actress is playing. When Rachel described her character, Ingrid, for Witches of East End, she said she was a women that would not really spend a lot of time in a salon. Her character was a natural beauty."



Prepare- Malibu C Crystal Gel

Goldwell Color

Lowlight- 20mls 6GB+10mls 7BG+10mls 7A+40mls 20 volume peroxide

Highlight-Blonding Cream Ash 20mls+40mls 40volume peroxide

Process 30 minutes

Elumen Glaze- 45mls clear+ 5mls SV@10

Process 25 minutes

STEP ONE: I always prepare hair for color using Malibu C's Crystal Gel.

STEP TWO: Next using Goldwell color, I mimicked what nature would do to her hair in the perfect conditions. I painted in some sun kissed highlights againest rich brown golden undertones. Rachel's hair pulls a lot of warmth so even though I wanted a natural golden rich result, I needed to use some controlled ash tones in the formula. I placed the foils diagonally though the top of the head,varying in size of the pieces so as not to create a specific pattern.

STEP THREE: After adding in highlights and lowlights to the all-over color, I then finished with a glaze, using Goldwell's Elumen.

Formulas for Witches of East End: Virginia Madsen & Rachel Boston


"To pop Virginia's blond I put in a warm base and weave in a cool tone. The drama in the blond comes from the interplay of warm and cool tones."

Goldwell color

Base- 9gn 30mls+9g 10mls+40mls 15volume peroxide 

Around your hair line I use 9nn for base

Highlights -silklift strong formula +20silklift cream developer+silklift intense conditioning serum

"I put in the foils first, just weaving on her new growth not overlapping onto already colored hair. Then I paint in between the foils the base color on the new growth of hair not in the foils."

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