HOW TO: Men's Polished Fade and Blend by Brent Bennett

We could spend hours on INSTAGRAM looking at the great work posted by hairdressers and barbers from around the world.  Brent Bennett's beautifully blended and detailed work was as precise as the steps he outlined for how to achieve it. Below the steps are also the equipment and American Crew products used for this masculine, of-the-moment finish.  Brent owns Millennium QV Emporium in Melboure, Victoria, Australia, and his work appears regularly in editorial. We're delighted to share it here: 


STEP ONE: Prep the hair using American Crew Medium Hold Spray Gel. This product helps comb the hair into accurate sections, also gives a good textured foundation when styling.

STEP TWO: Section hair into a classic horseshoe section. Remove all excess bulk of hair using a rough clipper over comb, to about 9mm throughout the entire bottom section.

STEP THREE: Dry the bottom section off completely- then go back in with your clipper on scalp(no guard) starting from the sideburn area, anchor in and visually taper the sides away. Using your previous section as a guide follow around the head. Be mindful that this method is visual, work slow and adjust the shading/blending levels to suit the clients hair type and head shape.

STEP FOUR: Using your small trimmer, arc a line from he point of recession, tapers off back towards to crown.

 STEP FIVE: Cut the top to desired length, remembering to connect the back following the round of the clients head and texturise accordingly.

 STEP SIX: Directionally dry style into place and refine the shape with American Crew Moulding Clay.

 STEP SEVEN: On a damp neck, apply the American Crew Shaving Gel around the perimeter of the cut and use your open blade to clean all neck hair away and polish the fade. Wipe clean and finish the the American Crew Post Shave Cooling Lotion.


Clipper, no guards.

Cutting comb


Open cut throat style blade

Neck trimmers- need to cut very fine and close to the skin.

Products used

American Crew Medium hold spray gel

American Crew Moulding clay

American Crew Shaving gel

American Crew Post shave cooling lotion


Reach Brent at his salon, Millennium Emporium

Shop 61-63, Level 1, Urban Market, QV. Cnr Lonsdale & Swanston Sts

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

(03) 8609 8122