Pheomelanin A type of melanin that is stable and creates tiny red and yellow pigments.

Color Vocab Lesson Demipermanent Products that are typically more gentle to the cuticle and cortex than permanent product during the color process; they have the ability to lift natural level, and their lower pH lets them cover gray hair but in a less opaque way.

Texture A term used to refer to the diameter of the hair.

Lighteners Are strictly used to decolorize pigment: they provide the most power when lifting.

Fillers Are a preliminary step when darkening more than two levels or when the desired darker level needs warm tonality.

Resistant Hair that may take longer to develop because it is difficult for the chemical to get past the extra cuticle.

Eumelanin A type of melanin that is very unstable and creates blue and dark-colored pigments.

Porosity The hair’s ability to absorb liquid. The more damaged the hair, the easier and faster it will absorb liquid.


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Color Vocab Lesson

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