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MODERN checked in with David Babaii to find out just HOW he created this gorgeous finish for Christina Aguilera for the ad for her scent Unforgettable (which Babaii sprays in her hair to maintain the scent throughout the day). What is so sweet is that each has this picture posted on instagram (@DavidBabaii and @Xtina) with total lovefest captions.

Here Babaii shares the steps:

Step one: Part the hair starting at the nape of the neck, taking horizontal sections. Begin to blow-dry using the ghd air™ and ghd natural bristle radial brush, lifting the section to create volume at the root. Once the roots are dry, work down the section, directing the airflow down the hair to create a sleek result.

Step two: After each section is dry, roll hair into the brush towards the head and blast with the cool shot button, holding the brush for a few seconds. This helps to hold the body and movement created.

Step three: Wrap the hair towards the head between two fingers and pin, making sure the ends are tucked in to keep hair smooth and neat. tip: Pinning the hair holds the style for longer; letting it cool allows for volume and movement to set in.

Step four: Continue this technique working upwards to the crown and toward the front to finish the blow-dry.

Step five: Once all the hair has cooled, unpin the curls gently, starting with the underneath. Dress out the hair by brushing through gently with the ghd oval dressing brush to create your desired result. To finalize the look, polish hair using the top plate of ghd eclipse™. This adds shine and defines waves on the top layer. 

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