Melanie Bell (@smelaniebell) owns Bell Studio, inside Blue Med Spa, Atlanta, Georgia. She tagged #Modernsalon with this amazing image and we had to know more.

Here, she shares the steps:

STEP 1: Lighten the hair in two sessions (one week apart) using Redken Powerlift and 40 volume developer. Blend with Olaplex which will lower the developer strength to 30 volume.

STEP 2: Using thin sections in long foils, feather the lightener from mid shaft to the ends in the back. Work toward the face, applying the product closer to the root area. Process according to manufacturers instructions.

STEP 3: Tone with Shades EQ 1 oz 8t 1/2 oz 1/2 oz 7v 1/2 oz 9v  2oz of processing solution for ten minutes. Finish with Olaplex 2 bond multiplier for 10 minutes. Dry hair completely.

STEP 4: Apply Pravana Wild Orchid with a bit of Pravana Blue to cool it down on the fringe area. Using meche, melt the sections.

STEP 5: Melt around the face: Wild Orchid, Pink and Prettying Pink.

STEP 6: Left side: Violet and Clear equal pats melted with Mint with a dab of Blissful Blue.

STEP 7: Right side: Violet and Clear equal pats melted with Neon Pink and Pretty in Pink.

STEP 8: Back: Violet and Clear equal pats melted with Silver.

STEP 9: Process for 20 minutes and then shampoo and condition the hair.



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