6 Wella Pastel Color Pop Models

by Elizabeth Jakaitis | April 30, 2015

The Nereides collection by UK hair artist Angelo Vallillo, named the Eastern Hairdresser of the Year at the 2014 British Hairdressing Awards, puts precision haircutting as the central focus, complemented by Wella pastel tones and accent colors.


“Nereides is very much a progression, an evolution of my ideas, built on my winning collection from last year,” says Vallillo, creative director of Zullo and Holland, and the Angelo Vallillo Hair Academy, who is also a platform guest artist for Wella and a UK ambassador for Sebastian. “It is different but still part of the same family. Original, but part of a journey. Strong texture is exhibited throughout, enhanced through innovative color.”


Vallillo finds himself currently inspired by, what he calls, the “anti-headshape” and looks that confound gravity. “It’s about challenging the established protocol. You can see the overall shape in the fringes, but the texture is cut into the shape too. The story is a narrative, with each cut and finish tailored for each model, then we used dramatic color to add flourish.”


Hair: Angelo Vallillo @ Zullo & Holland | Photography: Richard Miles | Makeup: Rosanna Velin

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