Chief Behr of the Chief Behr Studio, Redlands, California and Shades Salon, Beverly Hills, along with business partner Philip Wolff (with an education company called WolffBehr), has a goal to "bring the art back to hairdressing. We do studio sessions all over the United States, keeping it all about marketable hair."

For this new client, a Latina with a natural level 2-3, Behr had to make "fried" hair look a bit more marketable.

Here he shares the HOW TO:

Step 1: To the scalp apply Framesi on the scalp oil bleach with 40 volume developer, blended with 5 drops of WB serum and Olaplex.

Step 2: Process for 50 minutes then rinse.

Step 3: Tone using Davines 10g 11n high lift , 10 g 10.21, 5g 9.2 with 10 volume developer. ("I use a tiny bit of highlift in my toner so that it gives an extra boost.")

Step 4: CUT: Section out a horse shoe on top of the head to leave disconnected length. Cut the underneath with short diagonal graduation. Blow dry everything and refine with deep point progressive cutting to soften the disconnection and create wearable texture.

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