Berlinda Anguiano of her private suite Shangri La Hair Studio, Corona California, says "It's funny being on my own because a lot of the time my guests walked through the door, see me and freak out because I'm young. But I've learned to show that the proof is in the pudding!"

Here Anguiano got the chance with her client looking for a change. "My gal was so sweet and wanted to be light at first, but decided shorter and bolder. I wanted to give her a rich brown, but she was also asking to go almost black (O.M.G). A shorter cut with full movement was given first then I fully repigged her. The picture doesn't show it, but she had major spots and bright yellow lights. I gave myself a new canvas, followed by an all over process. The color itself has so much depth that it looks almost multidimensional, when in fact it is just a single process color."

Here Anguiano shares the HOW TO in her own words:

FORMULAS, Repig and spot filler:

Kenra Demi 6bc + 9volume

All over root to ends:

Kenra perm color 4n + 5b + 1n + 20 volume

Repig process time: 10 to 15 mins

Final color process time: 35 to 40 minutes

-Start with the haircut: Shoulder length with full movement layers were given.

-Once that was finish, I began to prep her for her "repig|patch filler" using 6bc Kenra Demi with 9 volume. Direct to the mid shaft of her hair, picking out spots and light pieces.

-Needed full saturation so process for about 15 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, condition. Tousle dry.

-Blend Kenra permanent color 4n + 1n + 5b + 20 volume and apply roots to ends.

-Process for up to 35 minutes.

-Rinse then shampoo with Paul Mitchell Post Color Shampoo. Condition with Paul Mitchell Color Protect Conditioner.

Before blow drying I sprayed Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue, along with Super Skinny Relaxing Balm. Tousled dried smooth.


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