The Modern Flattop has a 1950’s pompadour flair to it. The top stands up higher than a traditional flattop and slope is more exaggerated from the longer front to the crown area. Another unique characteristic is the square shape from the front view to a more rounded back which also keeps this short clipper cut looking better for a longer period of time.

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Start on the sides and back with the clipper over comb technique to remove the excess hair. (If the hair is already short you can start with the desired clipper blade or attachment.)
  2. Cut the round of the head section into a square shape in order to make the top easier to judge and cut.
  3. Taper the outline of the haircut by cutting a 45 degree angle around the outline of the haircut. This is done best with your adjustable clipper.
  4. Fade the hairline out to skin length. Start with an adjustable clipper in the open position and continue on down through the shorter lengths. Finish up with the trimmer in an upward shaving motion.
  5. Apply a light gel to the top of the hair. Using a powerful hairdryer and brush dry the hair so it is all standing upright.
  6. Start with the center section and cut from front to back angling the comb downward from the back of the ear to the crown.
  7. Repeat this step on the left and right side of the center guide.
  8. Complete the haircut by blending the corners to the sides and back without rounding them.
  9. From the back of the ear to the crown complete the blend by slightly rounding the corners.
  10. Style the top one final time to complete the look.

Final Notes:

Make sure to over direct the front slightly on the first cut to ensure the front will remain longer. Always keep the comb parallel to the floor for an even cut across the top. Lastly, make sure to determine for the final style if the client would like a wet or dry finish. For a wet looking finish you can use pomade or a gel. For a dry looking finish you can use a paste, cream, or hairspray. If you choose a hairspray do not comb or brush through after application as this will make the hair look wet. As with any product application it is always best to apply to the hair after it is dry.

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