Anthony Nunez-Ibarra (@tonywonderhandsss), a freelance artist based Moreno Valley, California, says his client was done with chunk highlights. "She came to me wanting a new look and to give her hair a rest."

Here he shares HOW he altered her color for a lower maintenance but pretty finish:

STEP 1: Using Kenra Pre-pigment in RED (ratio 1:1 with water), apply to the very lightened areas. Process for 10 minutes.

STEP 2: Towel blot the pre-pigment from hair. Section hair into quadrants. (Note: at the center parting, section one inch straight and follow with zigzag parting to back.)

STEP 3: Blend Kenra 1 1/2 oz of 4b and 1/2 oz 4n with 4oz of 9 volume activator (adding 1/4 oz. Olaplex). Apply to the base in all sections, about 3 inches down.

STEP 4: From the nape, section about a 2 inch diagonal subsection going down (in the form of a V), leaving out a few existing lighter pieces. For some sections run through to the ends and for others about 2 - 3 inches from the ends.

STEP 5: Process for 25 minutes. Rinse.

STEP 6: Tone with 1/2oz 8Gb, 1oz 9 volume activator with a pea size 6C (and 1/4 Olaplex). Process for 10 minutes. Rinse.

STEP 7: Apply Olaplex no. 2 from root through the ends for 15 minutes. Wash and style.


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