Workshop: Kenra Professional’s 2016 Educational Line Up Keeps Solo Artists’ Needs in Mind

For 2016, Kenra Professional is building-up its online video and free webinar education, creating business-building brunches and even bringing customized training right to individual renter’s suites.

It all starts in CosmoProf stores, and just some of the classes the company will offer there include the Fundamentals of Kenra Professional Haircolor, Artistic Collection classes like the Art of Hair Painting and Styling Essentials classes—one coming in June will focus on building confidence in styling textured hair and be offered in conjunction with the company’s curl line, launching at the same time. Each class, says Laken Rose, Senior Artistic and Education Manager for Kenra Professional, will be revamped to incorporate business building and consider the needs of the individual stylist.

Notes Rose, “We can customize any of our classes and offer them in an individual suite, if the renter makes a qualifying purchase of one of our various $499 introductory kits or makes quarterly purchases that total the same amount.  If a renter does not have the three hours available for the full class or has specific needs, we will help determine what the renter needs most, whether it’s a demo or business-building ideas. Then, the customized class can take place right in his or her suite.”

New Digital Efforts

Recognizing that online education is in high demand, the company will also be offering more webinars, Periscope videos and an education portal with short videos, such as Gray Coverage with Kenra Color. Just log on at to see the videos, follow “Kenra Professional” on Periscope or check out the Kenra Professional Facebook page for upcoming events, like webinars and store classes. Stylists with Kenra accounts can also register for Eblasts on upcoming education, get webinar reminders and receive special materials they can share with clients. 

Says Rose, “Those who sign up for our webinars can interact, send in questions and take part in the live chat. Or, they if they missed a webinar, they can view it anytime later. For instance, on November 12th of 2015, we had a class on Guy Tang’s Metallic Obsession, and that webinar is now available.

Kenra Professional has more free education than ever planned for 2016.

One of the best ways to build business is to share Kenra Professional’s social media posts or Eblast materials, such as videos and photos. Rose says she’s seek many renters and salon owners populate their Facebook business pages with the company’s material, such as photos of models with Metallic Obsession haircolor, accompanied by verbiage that lets clients know the stylist or salon now offers the shades.

Kenra Professional also produces a yearly artistic collection, and each month, a new technique from it will be shared online. Additionally, Regional Sales Managers will be arranging business-building brunches across the country and anyone who has made a qualifying purchase can take part.  

Says Rose, “Our digital presence will really take off in 2016, because we believe in assessable education for everyone. It’s all about meeting individual needs to help all stylists and salons build their business.”





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