How to Make Six Figures as a Hairdresser

Let's just get it out there right away: Christine Le is a hairdresser and makes more than $600,000 a year.

That is not a typo. She is a hard-working stylist at the Visible Changes Salon inside the Willowbrook Mall in Houston, Texas, where she is bringing in the bucks through services and retail. FYI, this big number does NOT include tips! Just to make sure you understand, she netted $425,000 (after commission), earned an additional giant percentage from retail and was gifted a Mercedes-Benz convertible as a thank you from the salon owners.

WOW. But let's not waste time digesting that bit of news, let's just learn from this highly motivated artist.

Born in Vietnam and raised in the U.S., Le earned her license at the Visible Changes Beauty School and then slid right in to a spot within the Visible Changes Salon Group (there are now 17 salons in Texas) 23 years ago. She reached the highest level (of seven) for cutters available at Visible Changes and is a premier director. The highly productive Le is the first Visible Changes artist to produce more than $600,000 in a single year and is also #1 in several categories in the company, including request dollars, retail dollars, keratin treatments and total dollars. Easily producing $1,000+ on a 7-hour shift (service and retail), Le says much of her success is because she provides guests with solutions to their haircare needs.

"All of this was possible through my company, from the education provided to us, to the trips we have taken around the world, and the experiences we have shared as a family from the company and my personal life," Le says.

She admits it didn't happen right away and that it took about 10 years before she says she started to make REAL money.

MODERN met with Le recently in Las Vegas at the Paul Mitchell The Gathering, where she was upping her skills by taking in cut and style classes. She took a break to share her story with the MODERN Periscope audience, included in this post. Not surprisingly, Le is professional on multiple levels including a strong handshake and tasteful fashion. She credits the Visible Changes dress code (noted below) with helping her reach her goals.

She doesn't hold back on her answers to your questions in her interview. It is worth a view! Also, check out her pricing following these,

Christine Le's TOP TIPS to financial success in the salon world

  1. Look like a million bucks.
  2. Keep it professional.
  3. Provide solutions.
  4. Punctuality is key.
  5. Be consistent.
  6. Build relationships.
  7. Make sure you are able to retain some information from the client for his or her next visit.
  8. Take care of yourself, mind, body and soul.
  9. You have to be hungry for success - you have to want it.
  10. Surround yourself with successful people.
  11. THE FINISHED LOOK! Educate your clients on the look.

The Visible Changes dress code

"Our dress code allows you the freedom to express yourself and still maintain a consistent image throughout our company. It is important to the guest that we look as professional as we are. You are expected to Dress for Success.

Stylists, receptionists and management can wear either solid black or solid white tops and black bottoms or solid black dresses. A vest or jacket must be worn. All clothing should be in current fashion. No denim or work out clothing. Must wear socks or hose that cover all visible leg. Your chest, midsection and armpits must be covered at all times. Shoes must be solid black. No tennis shoes are allowed. Females must wear fashionable makeup. 

Trainees and shampoo assistants are provided T-shirts that they wear until graduation to the floor.

We provide a name-tag for all of our employees."

Christine Le pricing

Women - $80 & up

Men - $60 & up

Young Women (13-18) - $55 & up

Young Men (13-18) - $52 & up

Girls (12 and under) - $44 & up

Boys (12 and under) - $40 & up

Signature Finish (curl or flat iron) - $10-$25 extra depending on length and thickness of hair

Signature Blowout & Style - $50

Signature Blowout - $40

Special Occasion Styling - $100&up

Express Treatment - $100-$200

Smoothing Treatment - $250-$500

Extensions - Consultation required.

When she reached the $600,000 mark, Le was rewarded with a Mercedes E550 from Visible Changes owners John and MaryAnn McCormack (all this after putting Le's daughter through college - who is now on her way to earning her doctorate!) Make sure to check out the last video in this post to learn about some of the inside magic from Visible Changes executive Meagan McCormack, daughter of the founders, who explains why the company has been recognized as one of Houston's best places to work.

Christine Le Periscope interview:

More about the Visible Changes magic from Christine Le and Meagan McCormack:


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