Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm an Oribe addict.

I suspect the Oribe support group spans far and wide. The scent alone is enough to ensure a loyal following (as evidenced by the creation of signature fragrances from Oribe in 2014).

My latest product obsession came as a surprise to me initially; I didn't think I needed clarifying shampoo as a part of my weekly haircare rotation, but Oribe's The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo and Essential Antidote Replenishing Conditioner have proven otherwise. 

I have incredibly thick, wavy virgin hair. I like to think I'm pretty gentle with my hair from not coloring it and air-drying as much as possible, but I probably overdo it with products. My typical post-wash lineup includes—but is not limited to—leave-in conditioner, drop or two of an oil, and air-dry or curl cream. By the time I wash my hair again in a couple days, it's been subjected to a fair amount of hairspray, texturizing spray and dry shampoo, most likely. 

My first time: The Cleanse

The first time I used The Cleanse was impactful in and of itself. One summer evening, I had spent about 45 minutes trying to start my ancient push lawn mower, then another 45 mowing approximately four- to eight-foot stretches before it would die, and I'd have to battle to get it started again. By the time I was done, I smelled like gasoline and grass and was covered in all manner of oil and filth. Not glamorous.

I wanted nothing more than the most luxurious shower possible to get the stink off myself. I decided to try my new Oribe shampoo and conditioner. 

I've always shied from clarifying shampoos because I've heard they can be stripping, and I didn't think they'd be much use to me. But I had noticed some product buildup that sometimes doesn't seem to completely wash down the drain with my shampoo, so I figured The Cleanse was worth a shot.

First, of course, I noticed the scent. Oribe's signature fragrance, Côte d’Azur, is one of my favorites, and smelling that instead of gasoline instantly put me in a happier place. As I massaged my scalp, I also discovered that my hair felt different quite suddenly; it was slick and, I swear, almost squeaky in how clean it felt. I thought this was a fluke the first time, but it's happened every time I've used The Cleanse since. 

Because my hair was pretty literally squeaky clean, I was wary that it might be frizzy and parched when it dried. I continued with Essential Antidote Replenishing Conditioner, which left my hair silky and squelched my previous concerns. 

Between the clarifying agents in The Cleanse and the hydrating, conditioning elements of Essential Antidote, I felt like I had a new head of hair. It was impossibly soft, smooth and had that fresh-haircut feel about it. Once dry, my waves were light—not at all weighed down as they can sometimes be—and shiny. Hello, new best friends!

Why it works

The mousse formula uses volcanic ash, hence its silver-gray hue, to exfoliate away dirt, oil and product buildup without stripping natural oils. Essential Antidote is a great follow-up, as it has 18 vitamins, antioxidants and extracts to improve hair's texture. 

And you don't have to take my word for it, either. In a somewhat bizarre but amusing experience, I went to the chiropractor the next day, who often has his hands on my head so he can adjust my neck, and as he put a hand on my head, he said,

"Did you use new shampoo or something?" 

He had never previously made any comment about how my hair looked or felt (because he's a chiropractor, guys), but even he could feel a difference after my first round with The Cleanse. Ever since, I use it religiously once a week to slough off product buildup.

Got a new tagline for you, Oribe: "The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo: So good, even your chiropractor will notice."

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