Marissa Larson

Marissa Larson


by @kinsleynicolephotography

There is a very lush quality to Marissa Larson's hair designs.  The blondes are rich and the extensions --one of her specialties--are seamless while adding so much volume, length and thickness. Her clients leave looking like they have been blessed by the good hair gods.

Marissa Larson


Habit Salon, Gilbert, AZ

Specialty: Blondes

Followers: 46.6k

Most viral post: A video of me styling out a cut and color. I think people loved the texture and simplicity. It is a color and cut that could work on the average woman.

Favorite apps: Insta Size for side-by-side before and after photos, Facetune for any blemishes my client might feel uncomfortable with, and Plann app lets me upload a photo I’m thinking of posting to see how is flows with the aesthetic of my page.

Favorite hashtags: #modernsalon #habitsalon #blondehair #livedinhair #beforeandafter

I follow: @beckym_hair @domdomhair @hairby_chrissy @justinanderson @hairbycharlie

Pro tips: Lighting, being real in your caption and providing information, and of course a beautiful photo. If your client doesn’t feel confident in the photo, it shows. Don’t be afraid to take control and tell your client how to pose, adjust their face, and move the hair around.

Hidden talent: I am amazing at shampoos and head massages and I am a beast behind the blow dryer. I will get a head dried in no time.

Hidden talent: I love to make videos. My new YouTube channel is Marissa Larson, check it out.

How social media changed my life: It gave me the ability to express my love for hair. It gave me more clients than I could imagine, from all over. I never thought clients would fly in from out of state to get their hair done by me. I also love the constant inspiration I receive from other accounts every day.

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: I was so excited! My account wasn’t that big yet, it made me feel so special, like I had a chance in the industry. It gave me so much confidence. It was a picture of a before and after I had done using Olaplex. I called my mom and sisters to share the exciting news.

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