Wahl Education and Artistic Team Welcomes Three New Members

by Anne Moratto | August 28, 2018


The Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) announces the selection of three new members: John Carmona (@titan_barber), Antonino Lombardi (@ninothenice) and Corina Reyes (@corina_ladybarber) join Wahl’s exclusive W.E.A.T.

W.E.A.T. is a 17-member team of industry professionals that are leaders and educators for Wahl. They are highly trained and technologically advanced artists capable of instructing at any skill level. Their goal is to provide students and licensed hair professionals with clipper education and believe that education is the key to success. After a stringent vetting process, the newest team members were chosen from Wahl Professional’s Select Barber Program. W.E.A.T. focuses on diverse clipper techniques ranging from precision clipper cutting to creative clipper styling, regardless of gender, race or hair texture.

“John Carmona, Antonino Lombardi and Corina Reyes were selected for their ability to be excellent communicators, their amazing proficiency with the clippers and their talents with longer cutting and styling techniques.” said Laura VanderMoere, Global Director of Education, Professional, Wahl Clipper Corporation.


“I was told once that a true educator wants others to succeed so bad that he will be willing to pass on knowledge to ultimately make the student better than himself. That idea is what makes me so excited to be part of this team,” says Carmona.

Corina Reyes


Says barber Corina Reyes, “It’s been a life-long dream of mine to be a W.E.A.T. member. I’m most excited to share my techniques and to be an inspiration to ladies all over the world.”

“This team is so inspiring in their ability to share knowledge with others about their craft, expand students’ base skillset, refine and sharpen their existing skills and contribute to their growth and development,” says Lombardi. “I’m excited to be part of this team. It’s an honor to work among and learn from such a talented group.”

Shawn Wiley and his barber Johnny Marciano celebrate his new hair growth.


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