Biolage's BioMatch

by Alison Alhamed | May 13, 2014 |

Matrix’s Biolage reinvention is all about BioMatch Technology—using nature as inspiration for product performance.

The Challenge: Hair color that loses its vibrancy too quickly.

BioMatch: Orchids don’t fade because they contain flavonoids, which filter out UV rays that can oxidize color, causing it to lose vibrancy.

The Solution: Colorlast protects hair from colordegenerating free-radicals, rebalances moisture to keep hair color looking fresh and evens out the hair surface to enhance shine.

The Challenge: Dry, dehydrated, lifeless hair.

BioMatch: Aloe plants never dry out, even under the most extreme climatic conditions because they trap and store moisture within their leaves to survive through long periods with no rainfall.

The Solution: Hydrasource provides maximum moisture absorption and retention. With regular use, hair’s ability to absorb moisture is maximized.

The Challenge: Limp, lifeless hair.

BioMatch: The expansive cotton flower never falls flat due to internal elastic tensile fibers that develop into twisted formations that fill the interior of the plant, ensuring long-lasting shape.

The Solution: Volumebloom produces long-lasting, bouncy volume by multiplying inner fibers and building volume with flexible polymers.

The Challenge: Coarse texture and unruly frizz.

BioMatch: Moisture-repelling camellia flowers can endure for 1,000 years in monsoon conditions, through lipid production that seals out moisture.

The Solution: Smoothproof provides powerful humidity control by aligning the cuticle to lock out frizz-causing moisture.

The Challenge: Oil and residue build-up BioMatch: Lemongrass’s antiseptic properties allow it to self-cleanse.

BioMatch: Lemongrass's antiseptic properties allow it to self-cleanse.

The Solution: Clean reset removes residue gently by preserving hair’s natural lipids.

Biolage's BioMatch

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