Truss Professional Releases New Deluxe Prime Colors

by MODERN Staff | March 14, 2018 | Truss Professional | Hair ColorFinishing Products

In between visits to the salon, clients can now keep their hair looking flawless, thanks to Truss’ new Deluxe Prime Colors. The liquid pump pray fuses refined micropigments and nourishing ingredients to deposit tone, color and hair-repairing conditioners while recovering and neutralizing unwanted tinges.

Each formulation is designed to intensify color and add vibrancy, dimension and shine with a blend of ingredients that aim to instantly repair and reconstruct.

Colorists can use Deluxe Prime Colors on wet or dry hair:

  • Dry: To transform and intensify color or for gray and fine textured hair for full color coverage.
  • Wet: Because post-highlighted wet hair often absorbs excessive pigmentation, Truss recommends distributing the spray from the nape of the neck while the client is in the washing sink. Work section by section to completely saturate each strand. Comb the hair after applying to each section, ensuring even distribution. Save the top of the head for last, where hair tends to be porous and absorbs pigments readily. Let it sit (approximately 3-10 minutes) until reaching the desired tone, then rinse. Wash the hair.

The collection offers six new selections: Champagne Blond, Honey Blond, Chestnut Cool Brown, Warm Brown Chocolatte, Copper and luminous Marsala Red. Visit

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